Gold Signals and Silver Signals are in one Package

Forex Gold Signals is offering Gold and Signals are in one subscription package, we daily send gold and silver signals to our paid subscribers, our signals mostly go accurate upto 500 pips, we recommend to our subscribers to close the trade after getting 500 pips, and wait for another signal, but those who have enough equity better move the stop loss to save few pips and let the trade grow more,

Important thing in the FOREX is the you must have less greed and more patience, sometime we issue signal and nothing happen upto next two hours, we advise our subscribers to close the trade, becoz our signals are based on technical and 30% news factor as well, so if nothing happens in 2 hours of issuing the signals, and our stratagy is based on 4h charts,  so close the Trade on break-even, we will earn pips in next signals.

in any month we target 20,000 to 25,000 pips each month, but if in worst market situation we didnt earned for you minimum 10,000 pips, so take your money back, we dont have right on it at all, or you can claim for next month free subscription as well,