Things to know before Trade Gold Signals

26 Jul 2016
Forex Gold Signals

Things to know before Trade Gold Signals 
2016 has been an eventful year when it comes to world commodities markets and the world economy. A variety of unforeseen events has caused a shake up in a variety of different markets, industries and government. as a result of the Brexit, the European Union and Euro stands weaker than ever as one of the largest economies in the European Union is now longer helping prop up its currency. The Brexit also backfired on the British and the pound sterling value reached a low not seen in years. The pound has been consistently worth more than the US dollar for years, and while that remains the case the pound is closer to the dollar than it has been in ages. Global instability in key centers of certain industries have caused worldwide energy and oil markets to plummet. With the rise of ISIS threatening not only in the Middle East, but millions of lives around the world in some of the most influential cities, the control and stability certain middle Eastern Countries had around oil production and reserves is nowhere near as secure as it was before ISIS. Their threat of Global terrorism and attacks anytime, anywhere has lead to massive refugee crisis that has had profound economic change across the countries of Europe that have welcomed and housed refugees leaving the war-torn areas of Syria. Tourism around the world and its supporting industries like transportation and Hotels has dropped dramatically due to some of these fears of terrorism. The US election looms over the rest of 2016 and depending on who is elected President, Global markets may experience even greater change, change that may not be for the better at and lead to further chaos and disarray of the world’s economy.

In tough times of economic struggle, gold has been a commodity that has stood its ground and remained strong in times of strife. it has been one of the most recommended things to invest in as it has been seen in some circles as a commodity as close to recession proof as some come. The last year has seen the price of Gold rise +240.35 points in its one year change. January 2016 saw Gold prices reach their lowest price in sometimes at 1046.8 but Gold has rebounded in the months since January, reaching their high for the year earlier in July. Spring was a particularly strong Growth period as there was a strong, sustained period of growth in Gold price between January and April. The next quarter this year has seen small growth, a bit of a dip and then another surge in price in July. While there has been a good amount of Growth in 2016 and some period where the stock price soared, forecast for the foreseeable future has been varied. Some forecasts have been characterized as wild as they predicted never before seen patterns and rates of Growth or decline in some cases. In addition more and more Gold Signals are popping up around the world so it is becoming harder to know who to trust when it comes to the Gold Signals.