How PAMM works and How it will benfits you.

How Does It Work?

The Forex Gold Signals Account Management, is Actually aim to help those investors who dont have time to follow our signals, but mean time want to get benefits from the FOREX MARKET, Our Account Management will help you to skip the technical charts and market research , leave this all headache on our Expert Traders, Its very simple , Easy and Secure as well,

  1. Open an account by click on our link to open PAMM account
  2. Link your account with our PAMM account ( FGS )
  3. Enjoy the Profit.
  4. Account will be on your Name, so Deposit and withdrawal only made by you, all funds are with broker, FGS will also invest the same amount as yours to the Broker, our FEE will be only 5% on the earned Profit.

How it Works with HotForex PAMM

  • A Forex Gold Signals opens a PAMM account with hotforex, allocating a 500$ his initial investment as the Managers Capital. The Forex Gold Signals will be unable to withdraw this amount. This serves as an security for the investor that Forex Gold Signals will manage this account with  demonstrate cautiousness in his trading. Forex Gold Signals will get only 5% success fee on the earned profit
  • Once investor open an Account with hotForex than he has to  search through the PAMM for FGS .
  • Once Investor(s) join in a PAMM account, the manager will start making trades on the account using both his personal capital (Managers Capital) and the funds of his investor(s). Profits and losses in the account are divided amongst the manager and the investor(s) based on their share in the account.


Funds are Reinvested,

Manager Investment
Manager George 3000
Investor John 6800
Investor Peter 2000
Manager George (Withdrawn) 1080
Investor Peter (Withdrawn) 720

Over the second trading month, Manager George earns a 100% return on the PAMM account. This means that the balance of the account has risen from 12,790 USD to 25,580 USD.

As in the previous trading month, the total profits in the PAMM, in this case 12,790 USD, will be divided up among the investors in the account (including the manager) based on their investment.

The PAMM Account at the End of the Second Trading IntervalInvestmentProfitsSuccess feeManager GeorgeInvestor JohnInvestor PeterInvestor Jenny02,0004,0006,0008,000

Person Investment Profits Success fee
Manager George 3000 3000 300
Investor John 6800 6800 680
Investor Peter 2000 2000 200
Investor Jenny 990 990 99
  • Investor John earns 6,800 USD (profits of 12,790 * 23.45%). He will pay the manager 680USD in Success Fees.
  • Investor Peter earns 2,000 USD (profits of 12,790 * 15,64%). He will pay the manager 200 USD in Success Fees
  • Investor Jenny earns 990 USD (profits of 12,790*7,74%). She will pay the manager 99 USD in Success Fees

Manager George gets a total of 1,279 USD in Success Fee from all 4 Investor Accounts in addition to the 2,700 (Profit – Success Fee) he earned by trading profitably. All 4 parties will have the following balances for this trading month::

  • Investor John: 12,920 USD
  • Investor Peter: 3.800 USD
  • Investor Jenny: 1881 USD