The New Case for Gold


The new Case for Gold, is a book written by James Rickards. James Rickards is an author of best selling New york Times THE DEATH OF THE MONEY.

A must read book for GOLD INVESTOR, few important topics covered in this book are :-

  • Gold is Money
  • what is Money
  • Why Gold
  • Gold is not an Investment
  • Gold is not a commodity
  • Gold is not paper
  • Gold is not DIGITAL
  • History of Monetary Collapse
  • Gold Never Went Away
  • Gold and the International Monetary System
  • Shadow Gold Standard
  • Conclusion

Gold is money. Despite disparagement by policymakers and economists, it will remain as a store of wealth par excellence, and continue to play an integral part in the world‟s monetary system. In part, we can thank the French who took a stand at the IMF in 1975 and insisted on a role for gold in official reserves even when it was no longer a monetary reference point at the time. Academic economists don‟t seem to care about gold. It is mostly ignored, and never studied in a monetary context. Still, gold has never completely gone away. It still matters behind the scenes. Gold is still poised in the reserves of the international monetary system and will be even more important in the years to come. Understanding gold provides us with a frame of reference for an understanding of the future of the international monetary system. In the chapters ahead we‟ll look at how smart investors are investing in physical gold to protect themselves from the complex economic forces and instability we face in the twenty-first century